Kosher Giftpacks for Israeli Soldiers

Buy a gift for an Israeli soldier to show support and give them encouragement in their fight against terror attacks and Kassam rocket attacks.
Here at Israel-catalog we offer Israeli soldier on the front support packs containing essential survival items, as well as a selection of kosher treats to boost morale on the front. We also offer you the chance to donate a gift to a lone soldier, a soldier who has joined the IDF without family in Israel.
As well as giftpacks containing Kosher chocolates and other treats you can also donate a more practical gift to IDF Israeli soldiers, such as personal underwear sets and personal hygiene gift sets, boosting moral and cleanliness on the front lines
Our support the Israeli troops gift packs are suitable for giving 365 days of the year, or for any special occasion, but we also offer the unique addition of Passover packs, including Natural Sea Beauty spa products for IDF lone soldiers who will be celebrating the Holidays many miles away from friends and family. Whenever you choose to give a gift to support Israeli troops, our Israeli soldiers will thank you for your generosity.

Support the Israeli Soldiers